Friday, April 1, 2011

This just in: Peggy Ganong is not a fan of Bruce Fisher (TM)!

Will the real Bruce Fisher (TM) please stand up?!

On normal days, most people probably get up in the morning, take a nice soothing shower to wake themselves up and eat breakfast before going to work.  This kind of normal and boring routine might work for some people, but not for thrill seekers like Perugia Murder File's "senior moderator" Peggy Ganong.

What does Peggy Ganong like in the morning?  Well, based on a scouring of her bantering posts on PMF, she likes to start her day off with a big bowl of Bruce Fisher (TM).

Now I'm not saying Peggy Ganong has let Bruce Fisher (TM) get inside her head, but it's 10:49AM Pacific Standard Time as I write this entry, and Ganong is already approaching 700 words----all dedicated of course to Bruce Fisher (TM).  It's been hard to keep up quite honestly, but we here are determined to keep our readers informed.  Below, you will find today's rants about Bruce Fisher (TM) by Peggy Ganong, which we will update throughout the day:

NOTE:  This page is being updated throughout the day!  Please bear with us as we try to keep up!  

Comments added after this original post (Yup, she's still going strong people!):

*It seems fitting that April 1st be known around here as "Bruce Fisher" TM day. Does anyone know if BFTM "clucks" when he disapproves of things, as a prelude to tattling and shaming? If so, it must happen often, several hundred times a day. In all US states?

*So there is a chance that "Bruce Fisher" TM is genderless?! Or a neuter/eunich?

*I owe it all to the mounting hysteria displayed by the consortium known as......  Bruce Fisher TM.  Without his/her/its* endless, tireless and equally tiresome tirades here, there and everywhere, I would have no material.

*As indicated by H9's super useful BFTM stats, nearly a hundred of the nearly 500 BF's in the US are genderless. This is a fun fact with which to impress your friends, folks.  The sound you hear right now is the sound of 500 BF's "clucking" in disapproval.

*This makes Jimbo's intervention even harder to understand then. Especially as the system of justice has not finished working this through. I think that Bruce Fisher TM is really just looking to use wiki for free advertising and free proselytizing purposes.

These are the comments today before this blog was originally posted:

*At least this shows an attempt at humor, something that seems to be totally lacking in the Starship Enterprise steered by "Bruce Fisher" TM. It isn't very funny, but it isn't devoid of humor. A sign of progress? Is it possible?  Unfortunately, it would be hard to strike back with a similar lampoon of "Bruce Fisher" TM because he is himself a joke with no sense of humor.

*Who needs a Bruce Fisher TM circle of jerks satire page when there are already several, adding material 24/7? That's right, I'm talking about the wiki talk page, the Injustice in Perugia blog... etc. And for the digitally challenged, Bruce Fisher TM has published his self satire in physical book form!

*Bruce Fisher TM, it seems, operates by trying to shame people and being a tattle tale. He would have been leading the charge against Hester Prynne, and probably would have volunteered to etch the scarlet letter A on her forehead with a penknife, had he been among the good Puritans of the "New World". 

*BFTM has recently taken to letting people know what I have posted about them, very selectively of course, as a way of shaming them and discrediting me. He must really lack for activity. 

*BFTM is a tattle tale and a town gossip. If he lived in a lapidation culture, he would be throwing stones first and asking questions later.  I just found an earlier photo of BFTM, which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that his career as a tattle tale and gossip started when he was quite young.

*I think Bruce Fisher is actually one of the individuals in the "Bruce Fisher" TM consortium. But he is a nobody, and most of the others associating with him do not want it known that they are associated with him. It will be interesting to see what kind of bio Jimbo is able to find on the guy, Bruce Fisher of New York City. It was easy enough finding his photo. I googled "dumbest animal in the world" and then clicked on images.

*Seriously, he did have a FB page and photo at one time. I think we have a photo. And then there is the home video he made. But who knows if this is Bruce Fisher? We know it isn't the Seattle cameraman, who apparently is embarrassed to have been confused with BF of NYC for even a brief moment. I can certainly understand why this would be so.

*I just hope that the flock does what Bruce Fisher TM says, not what he does. At least he has pulled the shorts up over his midsection, which is considerate of him, but he really needs to lose the cigarette. Not very sexy.

*A RARE FIND!  As you all know, "Bruce Fisher" TM is an entity who refuses to show its face to the public. I have done some digging and have finally come up with a rare photo of "Bruce Fisher" TM ministering to his flock! I can't reveal how I found this rare photo. If you look closely at the flock gathered round, you may recognize some familiar faces.

*We know that these are the things that Bruce FisherTM and Co. really think are important; it is rather fascinating to see them all together mulllng it over in one place. Kind of like an FOA strategy session for the junior personnel. The FOA big wigs are smoking cigars in the backroom.

*They will blame wiki bias for the sentences and declare a fatwah on Jimbo.  Bruce Fisher TM will open a new blog called The Tattler and another one called Shameboy. He will get his own reality TV show, with various former and forgotten reality TV "actors" playing "Bruce Fisher". The show will get cancelled, and BFTM will blame whoever is in the White House and Berlusconi. Heads will roll, stones will be thrown, scarlet A's will be etched onto foreheads with a penknife. O brave new world!


  1. Golly!... enough material for a psychiatric association convention forum here... if not a PhD or two..

  2. Kind of like this?????????????
    "Will the real Bruce Fisher.. Please stand up woootttt wooot...."

  3. A modern day Rasputin who mesmerizes his followers into believing anything. ANYTHING!!!!!! Run, run while you can! He can control your mind from this page!!!!!

  4. Thanks anon about the psychiatric association stuff. Ya, our professional psychologists and psychiatrists who are all at the top of their field, not just on Earth, but in the entire universe, all agree this is strange behavior. We've also been talking to all the major networks here in New York City and their lawyers are telling us that Peggy is really making herself susceptible to a calunnia charge.

  5. Guys- Where the heck is my check from the PR agency? Could it be possible that real, live people actually support Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito? Could it be that some of these supporters are not even living in Washington? And could it be possible that the illustrious court documents that are so revered by Guilters are merely representative of a horribly flawed investigation, and witch hunt (oh I mean trial)? Oh my! I enjoy your blog. Thank you for keeping me informed.

    Many snaps, props, and thumbs up,
    Ms. Veritas Aequitas

  6. Mine is a big big one. It say's "Amanda and Rafaele are freeee" ~michelle moore

  7. Apparently Peggy has a lot in common with Rasputin, or is she reading tea leaves. I'm impressed.

  8. I don't think you have the correct photo of Bruce Fisher. I saw a video he made where he had to do almost a complete back flip to show that it was possible for Rudy Guede to lock Meredith's door. It was like watching a paraplegic playing Twister. Anyway, he looked like a chubby middle aged white guy with a cheap haircut. I don't think I saw an afro. The lighting wasn't good but I really think you should look into this.

  9. The Guilters would be absolutely humbled and awed if they knew the true idenity of "Bruce Fisher TM." It would be too much for them. They could never handle the truth. It's best to have them believe he is a lowly IT guy, slaving his life lol lol

  10. What I think is the greatest is that they never really DID figure out the very very obvious. How hilarious is that....silly heads!